septembre 10, 2015

Ose signage player




The SignagePlayer is the work horse of our Digital Signage solution, it just keep going and going and …
It is a robust presentation player that was designed from the ground up to be efficient and secure. It supports the most widely used file formats including HD video, audio, animation and images.
The SignagePlayer can run pretty much anywhere, on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android as well as inside web browsers. The SignagePlayer can operate for months without a single reboot, yes it is that efficient.
Connect it to our CLOUD, it’s ready for you. It is controlled by the SignageStudio using real time socket connection. If you have a firewall installed on your network, the SignagePlayer still will find a way to connect by falling back onto HTTP polling. You don’t need any static IPs or any special configuration. The SignagePlayer is pure genius.


  1. Runs on most operating systems and web browsers
  2. Embed player into a web page or web address to share with others
  3. Local caching engine for off-line playback
  4. Live preview
  5. Touch screen compatible
  6. File video formats include HD FLV, MP4, MOV  & H.264 encoding
  7. Image and animation formats include JPG, PNG, GIF, SWF
  8. Background music player
  9. Takes advantage of GPU hardware acceleration for video and Stage 3D
  10. Live socket connection & http polling in secure firewalled environments
  11. Live TV support using S-Video, composite, component and HDMI
  12. Built in watchdog via the SignageController
  13. Live snapshots, remote control, player versioning and stats
  14. automatic remote software updates
  15. Secure content download and checksum verification
  16. Power saving and screen saving using a daily schedule