septembre 9, 2015

Queuing management

Automatic queue measurement systems are designed to help managers in two ways – first, through enhanced customer service; second by improving efficiency and reducing costs.


Dashboard With Queue Management Information

They use people counting sensors at entrances and above checkout lanes / queue areas to accurately detect the number and behaviour of people in the queue. Built-in predictive algorithms can provide advance notice on how many checkouts or service points will be needed to meet demand. Dashboards, available on a computer monitor or mobile PDA device, are often used to provide a range of information, such as dynamic queue length, waiting time data, and checkout performance on the shop floor. In the event that performance falls towards a minimum service level, in supermarkets or banks management teams can be automatically alerted beforehand, allowing them time to proactively manage the situation. Key measurements produced are:

  • The number of people entering the store

  • Queue Length

  • Average Wait Time

  • Till Operator or Bank Teller Idle Time

  • Total Wait Time

A number of the large UK supermarket chains use such systems for service level and resource management.