septembre 10, 2015





Imagine having a customer pick up a product, and as soon as he does, the content presentation begins playing a campaign that is specifically related to the products the customer is holding, it does not get any more relevant than that. A fire alarm that is connected to your content screens instructs people to the best exit route, or a content screen that greets (Hello) and turn on a projector for anyone walking through the front door of your business.

These and much more can easily be achieved with OSE trigger and event system. Through IoT and the OSE CLOUD, you can adopt many of the popular IoT smart home / smart business automation devices and integrate them seamlessly into your business. Through an HTTP POST the OSE Player can trigger events at a local area network IoT hub (i.e.: Vera / Arduino / Ninja blocks etc) and using a local socket server, the OSE Player can receive events and sync the Signage presentation with relevant content.